International Artists’ Camps and Exhibitions

Beginning in 1997, eight International Artists Camps have been organised and presented jointly with the Cultural Institutes of Britain, France and Germany and the Vibhari Academy.

The George Keyt Foundation is very grateful to the Royal Norwegian Embassy for having enabled the International Artists Camps between the years 2000–2004 to have been presented solely by the Foundation through the support of NORAD, for the development of Art and Cultural understanding among artists of different countries.

Over the years, Artists from Germany, France, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, the Maldives, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Switzerland, have joined Artists from Sri Lanka in living and working together over the ten days of each camp. The exchange among these artists of different languages, cultures, religions, backgrounds of artistic developments, education and social backgrounds, has forged long-lasting connections between artists.